The World from a Segway

Greetings. I did it. I’m one of those people who goes on a Segway tour.


Yes. I look like a total dork. They make you wear a helmet and a neon vest. And then let you roll around in public. But it was SO much fun. I highly recommend. Once you get over the fact that you look like a total loser, and accept that every single local is judging you, its awesome.

It takes a little bit of getting used to. Honestly, until you get used to zipping around its kind of terrifying. Truly Segways just seem unnatural. There appears to be no logical reason that they should stand up and not be absolute death traps. But once you get the hang of it you kind of feel like a superhero.

Until someone out on their evening run passes you on your Segway. Then you feel like a loser again. But you are having WAY more fun than they are.

This is what adulting looks like.

Who knows maybe I’ll be the first person to ride a Segway on all seven continents.