An Open Letter to Myself

illustration of a love note sealed with a pink heart.

Dear Future Me:

If right now you’re tired. And feeling a little lost. It’s OK. The real world is sometimes a scary place and entirely overwhelming — and sometimes its entirely underwhelming. It’s OK. You’ll make it. Being a grown up isn’t always perfect, but what is?

If right now you’re a little lonely. It’s OK. If you’re wondering when you will find your people, remember you already have once. And you will find more. If you see families out and about and wonder when you will get your chance. It’s OK. You will. Stop worrying about it. Continue reading


Quiet Coyote: and other things I learned from 5th and 6th graders

This summer I had the most amazing opportunity to teach amazing, talented, energetic, and insightful 5th and 6th graders at the Y. On the last day of camp, I gave each of my ladies and gentlemen an index card and asked them to give me one piece of advice for my new job.  After a weekend that wasn’t quite long enough on a Sunday that went by too quickly I pulled out these index cards and looked at the advice that these sweet young adults had given me. Their simple wisdom was exactly what I needed to get me through another Monday and is something that I want to share.

20151018_202956Be nice

Be cool

Be yourself and stay you!

Be strong, Be brave, Be happy what ever goes
your way.

Never forget your sense of humor (you will need it)

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