I’m a Nerd.

Now that I’ve gotten the simple fact that I’m a nerd out of the way, let me tell you about the library. I LOVE the Library. To be entirely honest, I always have. Let me explain why:Book Sale

From the time I was a little girl, visits to the library were a regular occurrence. Especially in the summer my mom would drive me and my siblings to the library and we were allowed to pick out ANYTHING we wanted. To a little kid used to hearing “No” through the aisles of Target and the Grocery Store, this kind of freedom to choose anything we wanted to bring home was magical. To a little kid who loved books, it was like a dream come true.

In my town our library was a tiny little thing, with the same friendly librarian (and the other one who always scared me a little bit). The children’s section was at the very back, past young adult novels, non-fiction, the check out desk, and the reserves section. I would bee-line straight to the back of that tiny building and start cherry picking books off the rotating towers of paperbacks. Continue reading


Something Borrowed

Let me start by saying that I was one of those kids who LOVED school. Always. From the time I was in pre-school. I loved learning. I loved the tasks. I loved the teachers. I think there was even a part of me that loved the tests…. I know, weird. I definitely didn’t love exams in college, but in elementary school and middle school I liked the validation. I was learning. I did know these things. I was getting “smarter”

But I was good at school. I seemed to inherently understand the rules of the game and the way it was meant to be played. It came easily to me, and I know that more than indicating that I’m smart, it just indicates that I was lucky. I was able to thrive in an environment of semi-arbitrary structure with semi-arbitrary rules.

What in hindsight seems silly to me, is that the number one cardinal sin of formal schooling is plagiarism. In school, getting caught borrowing ideas or phrasing from someone else is the kiss of death. Its an unforgivable offense. And its silly. Continue reading