Unsolicited Advice on Finals

College Students: It’s been a year since I last sat in a lecture hall. A year since I took my last exam. A year since I neglected basic human necessities like food and sleep in a desperate attempt to shove knowledge into my brain. A year since college.

And I want to give you all some unsolicited advice.

Stop worrying. It is SO easy to get caught up in the culture of a college campus, especially at an elite institution. So easy to feel like you are the only one who doesn’t get it/ So easy to feel like a failure.

I want to remind you that your self worth is NOT tied to the score you got on your last math exam or philosophy paper. That your life is NOT over if you failed a test. Or even a class. That you haven’t doomed your future.

I want to remind you that sleep is important. And food. And talking to people. Even if that talking is late night incoherent stressed out and in tears.

The test will come. And you will do your best. And then life will go on.

And in the end, you WILL miss this. You will graduate and you will miss this – even at your most stressed and sleep deprived state – you will miss it.



I’ll Just Leave this Here…


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Notre Dame and even more obsessed with Synchronized Skating.

As such let me introduce a fancy concept: Notre Dame Day. Yes, my university dedicated a day to itself. Things like that just happen sometimes, let it go, OK. All in all, ND Day is basically a shameless attempt for the university to wheedle more money out of alum and supporters. BUT there is one super nifty catch….

When you donate to Notre Dame Day – just $10 – you get 5 votes. What are you voting for you may ask? You can contribute these votes to a student organization of your choice, and when all is said and done, the percentage of the overall votes a student org. gets corresponds to the percentage of a MILLION dollars they will get.

(yeah yeah, this is kind of silly that of all the money they make they only split one million among actual student groups)

But this is where it is magical for Notre Dame Figure Skating. I’m here to encourage you all to pull out your credit card and buy 5 votes for NDFSC, because 10 dollars might not even buy a pair of tights, but together, all those votes corresponded to over 7 THOUSAND DOLLARS for the team. That’s a lot of extra ice time. So while you enjoy this video, I’ll just leave a link to the donation portal here 🙂


After the Finish Line

It occurs to me every so often that I am an actual bona fide adult. Which seams completely crazy.

It seems like my whole life to this point has been planned. There was a nice template, a course carefully marked.

I picture the first part of life as a marathon in a big city. The course carefully marked, thousands of people on the same path as you. Police carefully blocking traffic, allowing you a a clear and safe path. Supporters, friends, family cheering you on. It’s a long race, it’s not always easy, and not everyone makes it.

But you keep at it, keep going, and then you cross the finish line. And for a short time, you bask in the glory of your accomplishment. YOU have completed a marathon. You get congratulations, compliments, and likes on Facebook.

For a minute, you feel as though you have done the impossible. You have worked so hard, trained so long. Then you realize – Continue reading

Ask the World

What does one do on a rainy afternoon in a city where you haven’t made many friends yet? Watch Netflix documentaries of course! And if you’re me and have already made it through an embarassing number of Netflix documentaries, you turn to Amazon Prime streaming. This is where I found Craigslist Joe.craigslist

With only a laptop computer, cell phone, toothbrush and the clothes on his back, Joseph Garner sets out to survive for 31 days solely on items gleaned from Craigslist.

Not only does Joe survive, he meets dozens of pretty cool (some super strange) people all willing to help him out. He ends up taking a cross country trip and restoring his faith in humanity and the internet.

About a week later, in a stroke of brilliance (and irony given my last post about how my loans are #worthit), I decided to try the same thing. If Joe could survive and trek cross country just using the good will of the people of Craigslist, surely I could  find some people who wanted to help me pay back my student loans! right?!

Don’t worry mom, I was safe about it. Continue reading

Why I’m Happy I Went to Notre Dame (Despite my Mountains of Debt)


Literally, the cost of my college education is equivalent to the small mountain of student debt I will be paying back forever. Even despite this astronomical cost (that I am now just beginning to fully grasp) the value and benefits of my time at Notre Dame far exceed the monetary cost of attendance. (bold statement right?)

There is something about a collection of young, curious, intelligent, inquisitive minds that is priceless. This environment provides endless opportunities for new ideas to be explored. Both academic and otherwise: from carefully analyzed theories on who the starting QB would be, to intense debates on social justice, and conversations regarding the physics of time travel. Participation in this kind of community provides an educational experience that goes far beyond simple text book and classroom learning.

Continue reading

I am Feminism.

I am pink. With lace and sparkles. Glitter, flowers, soft and quiet. I am feminism.

I am fiercely independent. I am proud. I am accomplished. I am intelligent. I am feminism.

I am fresh baked cookies. I am time spent with children. I am ruffled aprons. I am feminism.

I am a driven career woman. I am a friend. I am a sister. I am a human being. I am feminism.

I am confident. I am insecure. I am sweatpants and ball gowns, swim suits, and sweater sets. I am feminism.

Feminism as the equality of the sexes.

But in practice. Allowing individual human beings to CHOOSE what is right for them.

Feminism is not a set of rules. It’s not a condemnation of men. It’s about respect, between men and women, and the acknowledgement that we are all given unique gifts and talents, hopes and dreams. And that these are all valid, regardless of sex or gender.  Continue reading

New Year, New ME (because that’s not cliched)

2016 Happy New Year Champagne Fireworks Desktop Wallpaper

Fun fact about me. I’ve never really liked New Years very much. In fact, in high school I actually once wrote an entire 6 page essay on how much I dislike NYE. I realize that this makes me sound bitter. I promise that’s not my intent. (Plus J-Law is with me on this one)

I really have three main problems with NYE:

1. The Expectation of Celebration
2. The Resolutions
3. Its entirely arbitrary

Who decided that on the best way to spend the last few moments of one year and the first few minutes of the next is drunk in a loud over-priced bar? Continue reading

Boston Girl

the boston girl

The Boston Girl is narrated by Addie, a grandmother telling her granddaughter about growing up in the 20’s – Establishing herself as a professional, a woman, a human, at a time when the world and women’s place in it was changing drastically.

I loved everything about this book. Partly because I consider myself a feminist. Partly because its a great story. Partly because some of the themes the narrator highlights – growing up and “finding yourself” in your 20’s – are so universal.

Pulling all the quotes I marked out of this book could (and probably will) inspire multiple blog posts. But I think of all the quotes I marked, my favorite quote from the book is this:

“She didn’t apologize for being chosen. I don’t mean that she bragged. She just know who she was, which wasn’t easy back then. I guess it’s still not easy, is it?” (27)

Addie uses this passage to describe one of her friends, a great artist who was given the honor of being allowed to work on complex works as a student. This is the kind of confidence that is rare. And admirable. And makes you want to learn from someone.

It’s so hard to know who you are.

Continue reading


From the other sideee. (SORRY I had to)


I know it’s been a long time since I last posted here. To the few who follow me, my apologies. I’ll trust that because I didn’t feel like I had time to write during the preparations for the holidays, you probably didn’t feel like you had time to read.

But now the fat man has come down the chimney, Adele has released a new album, and the Christmas cookies have all been devoured. And I’m back.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays I’ve been thinking a lot about time. How I spend it, how I waste it,  how I stress about it. Time is funny. It can be slippery, or sticky. It can flit from one moment to the next, or dragggg on and on.

At some moments it seems like I have all the time in the world. At other it seems like time is going all too fast.

Time is a thing we measure, mark, count, and try to collect. Continue reading

Welcome to the Modern World


Having an office is great, if anything, it is the most tangible symbol that I am a successful, gainfully employed adult. There are pictures, graphs, printouts, and ND gear pinned to the walls of my grey cubicle. I’ve moved snacks, chapstick, hand lotion, and even a blanket into my own 5 square feet of space. But is it really necessary to sit here for 40+ hours a week?

The way that modern technology functions allows us to work anywhere, anytime, for better or worse. We are constantly accessible. Plugged in via our cell phones 24/7. Why then is it that so many companies still adhere to the (in my opinion) outdated “cubicle” model? You’ve given me a smart phone, and a laptop. Let me leverage this technology and work where I want whenever you need me. Continue reading