Snippets That Embody The Reality of Being a Single 22 Year Old

“I am a Cocoon of angst”

“Generally I just feel like I embody Tswifts ‘darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a day dream’ minus being dressed like a daydream”

“Literally I just ate a square foot of carbs and I’m so thrilled about it”

“Two girls ride up in an elevator. One gets off to get free cookies. The other gets off to workout. Which one could be me?”

“Raise your hand if you are exhausted, a little hung over, were hit on by a creepy manager, and still didn’t get the hot guy’s number.”

“There will not be a second date………”

“I literally just fell off a chair trying to kill a spider”

“They don’t make them cookie cutter boo. Believe me I’ve looked. The cookies cutter looking ones are laden with mental deficits”

**PS. HUGE shout out to my besties and our group text. You make adulting smile-worthy