Hello world!

Once upon a time an 8 year old version of me received a diary for a birthday gift. That swanky locked lime green and orange notebook had the privilege of learning my deepest and darkest secrets for the years of elementary school that followed.

Since that fateful day I have maintained the habit of journaling at least intermittently for the past 14 years. As I get older however, my thoughts become less top secret like the angsty entry below:

Jan 20t20150804_181033h, 2004

Suzy* is all the sudden the Wicked Witch of the West! She is always on Jane’s* side and nothing is ever her fault! Plus! I’ve got so much homework I’m staying up till 9:30 doing HOMEWORK sometimes 10:00pm! Oh Yeah. Did I mention I’m about to fail math ❤ BYE.

*names have been changed

Needles to say I got used to staying up till 10pm and I didn’t fail 5th grade math, although that whole dividing fractions thing still makes my head spin.

I never went abroad in college, so I’m a little late jumping in on the OMG I should like totally write a blog! trend. But given my inclincation to write in a journal I thought why the heck not. At this point I’m not quite sure what direction this blog will take, but stick with me and see what kind of adventures I can embark on as I start life as an honest to goodness real working adult.

And I can promise that I will *try* not to be as angsty and dramatic as I was when I was 10 🙂