What scares you? What really scares you? Is it spiders or ghosts, dying or loneliness?

For me, tonight at least, its getting stuck. I’m so scared of getting stuck, of taking all those big dreams and wild hopes inspired by the boundless possibilities of youth and putting them on hold. I’m scared of growing up so much that I only do what is practical and responsible.

The big adventures in life aren’t practical, but I don’t want to miss out on those crazy impractical adventures. I want to find the time to chase those “pointless” dreams. Learn French, just because. Volunteer, travel, teach.

But these adventures aren’t free. And student loans are a thing. And rent. And food, and transportation, and doctor’s bills. And a nice stable 9-5 job to fund it all. And while that job lets me be a responsible, financially independent adult, it also means that I have many less hours to chase after experiences on a whim.

I’ve already have a list of things to do once I’ve finished paying student loans. I recently compared this list to the things I put on the bucket list I made at 17. The more recent list is significantly less imaginative. While at 17 I might have under estimated the benefits of Lasik (the first thing on my post-loans list), I don’t want to lose the “anything is possible” spirit that inspired the list I made at 17.

So to anyone reading: please share some of the wild crazy hopes and dreams you have for your future. (If you don’t mind) Help inspire new dreams for my future and keep from getting “stuck”.