The Hero in Hercules

SO… in case you haven’t noticed, I have a recent rekindled obsession with Hercules. I’ve watched it probably too many times in the last week or so. I’ve come to the conclusion that in addition to the witty puns, catchy songs, and a great story line. The heroine of the move, Meg, might be the true reason that I’m recently so hooked on this movie.

If you’ve ever talked to anyone who identifies as a feminist, you’ve probably rolled your eyes at least once. You’ve thought the long rambling rants were pointless and unfounded. You’ve probably heard someone tell you about the evils of Disney Princesses and Barbies. (If you’ve missed that rant some how, the gist is that they oppress women by teaching young girls that they are subservient to men, their main role in life is to find a Prince Charming or Ken)

I know that many of you could point out more than one way that Hercules is still flawed,. But instead of continuing that well discussed philosophy, I’m going to talk about the ways that (in my opinion) Disney actually got it right… Continue reading


Dear Gentlemen

Dear Gentleman,

Being back at Notre Dame this weekend was amazing. I saw so many friends and had so much fun tailgating. We got to our seats, so very far away from the field. And I sat down. Next to you.

Trying to be friendly to fellow Notre Dame fans, at half time I made conversation with you. And I told you about my blog. Partly because you seemed like nice people, partly because I want people to read what I have to say. You asked me the name of it and I was happy to give it to you. I enjoy having a public forum, I’m aware that strangers can read what I post on here. I’m careful about what I say for that very reason.

I was flattered that you were willing to at least take the time to check it out. And thanks to modern technology you were immediately able to navigate to my blog page.

Not more than 5 minutes later you get my attention to show me an image, ripped from my About page that, again thanks to modern technology, you were able to edit is a sexually graphic manner. I was appalled, and as I was recoiling in mild horror, you sniggered to your selves. You sneered and told me that anyone could access what I post on the internet. Thanks for the newsflash, no one has ever told me that before. And maybe I should vet my readers.

You threatened to post this image on Google.

You fundamentally violated my dignity and disrespected me. It was entirely unnecessary to edit my photo in that manner.

You made me consider taking down my blog. But I decided otherwise. Even if its silly, this blog is important to be me and will remain intact.

You made me realize again, that no matter how intelligent, or well spoken, or dignified I feel in the eyes of some I can be so easily reduced to a sexual object.

And I’m not OK with that.