You Can’t Make This Up

Dating in the 21st century is dicey. There are more places than ever to meet people. There is, FarmersOnly, ChristianMingle, Tinder, and then there is the real world!

In our adventures in various cities, myself and three friends have carefully crafted tinder profiles to attempt to sleuth out some compatible gentlemen.

Now it IS true that it takes all types. And I believe that there is someone for everyone. But some of this you just can’t make up. What follows is a few samples of the unique individuals that we have come across over the past few weeks.


So that’s dating in the real world folks. Technology connects us to more people than ever. You come across people from walks of life that you would otherwise be unlikely to cross paths with. And you get less than 200 characters and five pictures to create a spark of attraction. (Pun intended).