Unsolicited Advice on Finals

College Students: It’s been a year since I last sat in a lecture hall. A year since I took my last exam. A year since I neglected basic human necessities like food and sleep in a desperate attempt to shove knowledge into my brain. A year since college.

And I want to give you all some unsolicited advice.

Stop worrying. It is SO easy to get caught up in the culture of a college campus, especially at an elite institution. So easy to feel like you are the only one who doesn’t get it/ So easy to feel like a failure.

I want to remind you that your self worth is NOT tied to the score you got on your last math exam or philosophy paper. That your life is NOT over if you failed a test. Or even a class. That you haven’t doomed your future.

I want to remind you that sleep is important. And food. And talking to people. Even if that talking is late night incoherent stressed out and in tears.

The test will come. And you will do your best. And then life will go on.

And in the end, you WILL miss this. You will graduate and you will miss this – even at your most stressed and sleep deprived state – you will miss it.



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