I’ll Just Leave this Here…


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Notre Dame and even more obsessed with Synchronized Skating.

As such let me introduce a fancy concept: Notre Dame Day. Yes, my university dedicated a day to itself. Things like that just happen sometimes, let it go, OK. All in all, ND Day is basically a shameless attempt for the university to wheedle more money out of alum and supporters. BUT there is one super nifty catch….

When you donate to Notre Dame Day – just $10 – you get 5 votes. What are you voting for you may ask? You can contribute these votes to a student organization of your choice, and when all is said and done, the percentage of the overall votes a student org. gets corresponds to the percentage of a MILLION dollars they will get.

(yeah yeah, this is kind of silly that of all the money they make they only split one million among actual student groups)

But this is where it is magical for Notre Dame Figure Skating. I’m here to encourage you all to pull out your credit card and buy 5 votes for NDFSC, because 10 dollars might not even buy a pair of tights, but together, all those votes corresponded to over 7 THOUSAND DOLLARS for the team. That’s a lot of extra ice time. So while you enjoy this video, I’ll just leave a link to the donation portal here 🙂



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