New Year, New ME (because that’s not cliched)

2016 Happy New Year Champagne Fireworks Desktop Wallpaper

Fun fact about me. I’ve never really liked New Years very much. In fact, in high school I actually once wrote an entire 6 page essay on how much I dislike NYE. I realize that this makes me sound bitter. I promise that’s not my intent. (Plus J-Law is with me on this one)

I really have three main problems with NYE:

1. The Expectation of Celebration
2. The Resolutions
3. Its entirely arbitrary

Who decided that on the best way to spend the last few moments of one year and the first few minutes of the next is drunk in a loud over-priced bar? Who decided sparkles are basically a mandatory thing? For me, NYE can seem like a lose-lose situation. If I don’t make plans I feel like a loser. But then when I do make plans, there is all kinds of pressure and stress to have a totally epic amazing legendary night! Like how dare my NYE be lame.

Then there are resolutions. Putting off changes and self-improvement to a specific calendar date reinforces the mentality that any change made is temporary. A new you doesn’t start with a new year. It starts with a goal and a decision to make a change. If that decision is only motivated by social pressure to proclaim a resolution, you probably won’t get far. Change has to be something that you resolve to do day by day, bit by bit.

Finally – HOW RANDOM? I just think there is something so broken with the idea that a new date on the calendar can make you a new person – that a new year can change everything. What if I want to celebrate New Aprils Eve? Anyone wanna turn up on March 31st with me?

What I DO like about New Years is that it provides an almost mandatory occasion for self reflection. It doesn’t hurt to think back on the past year in summary and evaluate it. But self reflection should be an ongoing process, not an annual occasion accompanied by grandiose promises of sweeping revolution.

That all being said, cheers to 2016 – maybe I’ll figure out adulting this year.



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