First World Office Problems

Things that I actually said or overheard in the office this week. I think most people can agree that all of these things are totally annoying at work. But listing them all out like this makes me so thankful that these are the biggest problems I encounter on a day to day basis.

“Its hard to move my roll-y chair across the office in heels.”

“I switched floors and I’m still not reconnected to the Wi-fi.”

“I accidentally poured decaf coffee in my mug this morning.”

“The air conditioning is way too cold in the summer and the heat is just too warm in the winter.”

“I really hate the track pad on this laptop.”

“The keys on my keyboard are too bouncy.”

“I seriously need Lasik.”

“I’m stuck on the early flight till November.”

“I can’t believe I forgot my earbuds.”

“Someone took my pen, I hate having to go to the supply closet.”

“This is a closed laptop meeting… I have to take notes on paper and transfer them to One Note later. Shit.”


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