An Open Letter to Myself

illustration of a love note sealed with a pink heart.

Dear Future Me:

If right now you’re tired. And feeling a little lost. It’s OK. The real world is sometimes a scary place and entirely overwhelming — and sometimes its entirely underwhelming. It’s OK. You’ll make it. Being a grown up isn’t always perfect, but what is?

If right now you’re a little lonely. It’s OK. If you’re wondering when you will find your people, remember you already have once. And you will find more. If you see families out and about and wonder when you will get your chance. It’s OK. You will. Stop worrying about it.

Right now you’re ambitious. You are young, and hungry, and want more. Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the next thing that you forget to come up for air. Don’t forget kindness. Working hard is good but being friendly is better. When you are so stressed out that you have no time for anything, nothing but work, no friends, no family, no fun, nothing. That is when you need the breaks the most. That’s when you need to step away and be with people you love.

Don’t take yourself so seriously that you stop being silly. Don’t forget all the places you’d like to explore. Don’t get so settled you refuse to take a chance. Try something new, look silly, be weird, live life.

Remember all the dream jobs you have, a teacher, a mom, a wedding planner, an editor. Chase them all, or none. But never stop learning.

Focus on what you enjoy, but make sure to commit to exploring.

Time gains momentum. The days go slow, but the weeks and months go so so fast. Remember what it feels like to know nothing. Remember what it feels like to think anything is possible. On the off chance you have everything figured out, remember what its like to have no clue what you want.

Keep smiling. Go work out, if I know you its been a while and you’ve forgotten how good it makes you feel. Do nothing. Do something crazy. Do what makes your heart sing.

I hope you still believe anything is possible. I hope you are kind to people. I hope you still love learning. I hope you chased that crazy dream and not a crazy boy. I hope you are happy. I hope you still call home. I hope you do it often. I hope you are ready for your next set of adventures.

♥ Love,
22-year-old Me


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