I can’t tell if this book is a memoir masquerading as a self-help book or vice versa. It is truly interesting to read about Miss Amoruso’s unconventional path to success, but to me, the book felt over wrought in its attempts to give advice. Miss Amoruso attempts to navigate the fine line between giving advice in a cool, relate-able way and sounding like your annoying know iit all older sister.

The chapters are littered with cliched (but good, nonetheless) quotes and advice, and each one ends with a “witty” observation meant to capture the spirit of the chapter — some are funnier than others. Her overwhelming use of #GIRLBOSS to describe successful women annoyed me in general.

Overall, it was difficult for me to discern who her intended audience is. Frequently throughout the book it seemed as though she was catering toward teenage girls with advice like, “money looks better in the bank than it does on your feet”, basic interviewing advice and “Take pride in what you do. Don’t do sloppy work”.

If #GIRLBOSS does offer one transcending piece of wisdom, it is this:

The Straight and Narrow is not the only path to Success.

This piece of advice while colloquially true, forgets to mention that society is set up to reward the Straight and Narrow path. I recently read an article* that opined that society is set up to reward conscientiousness more than any other single personality trait. This article leveraged studies that show that using the OCEAN** model of personality, no single trait was rewarded as universally as conscientiousness.  It begs us to think about the consequences of rewarding conscientiousness over creativity.

If anything, I think that #GIRLBOSS illustrates the ways in which the conventionally discouraged individual has the potential to make enormous contributions to the world.

If you are curious how your personality traits stack up you can take a quiz HERE.

*Unfortunately this article was a link I clicked on Facebook and I can’t seem to find the link again (Sorry! But here are a few similar articles 
**For those unfamiliar the OCEAN model assesses five dimensions of personality: Openness to new experiences, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. If you are lazy but want to know more here is the link to the wikipedia page.


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