I’m a Nerd.

Now that I’ve gotten the simple fact that I’m a nerd out of the way, let me tell you about the library. I LOVE the Library. To be entirely honest, I always have. Let me explain why:Book Sale

From the time I was a little girl, visits to the library were a regular occurrence. Especially in the summer my mom would drive me and my siblings to the library and we were allowed to pick out ANYTHING we wanted. To a little kid used to hearing “No” through the aisles of Target and the Grocery Store, this kind of freedom to choose anything we wanted to bring home was magical. To a little kid who loved books, it was like a dream come true.

In my town our library was a tiny little thing, with the same friendly librarian (and the other one who always scared me a little bit). The children’s section was at the very back, past young adult novels, non-fiction, the check out desk, and the reserves section. I would bee-line straight to the back of that tiny building and start cherry picking books off the rotating towers of paperbacks. By the time I was 12 years old, I had read nearly every novel in the children’s section. Especially in the summers I used to leave the library with a stack of books 8 or 10 high and read every single one it time to bring them back the next week.

I might not have been the most athletic kid in the world. While other kids spent free time running around outside I was content to sit in the sun and get lost in whatever book I was reading.

Fast forward to college. The days of reading dozens of books a month just for fun were overshadowed by course work, clubs, sports, and friends. But still, I loved the library. The library was where I could go to truly be productive. To focus and learn and get things accomplished. I went to the library with a mission and I would leave when it was accomplished (or when I was too tired to see the words on the page in front of me).

I won’t lie, as a freshman, the library intimidated me. In contrast to the small warm library I grew up with,  it was large and looming with a quiet intensity of serious people who seriously knew what they were doing. I found though, that as I got more comfortable, I became one of those people too. And the common sense of intensity and focus fostered a sense of community and security.

I find now, that in my adult life, I miss the library. The office is obviously an environment conducive to work, but somehow it just doesn’t have quite the same appeal as the library.


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