Consulting: as described by GIFs

If picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF has to be worth a million. After two months of being a real “successful” employed adult in the consulting industry. I have decided there is no better way to describe the consulting lifestyle than through Spongebob GIFs.

Behold: 11 times Consulting was best described by Spongebob GIFs.

Traveling to a Client Site. Goodbye apartment. Remind me why I pay rent?

Roll Off

Achieving Platinum Status at your hotel and on your airline.

Platinum Status

Trying to decipher documentation. (Or lack thereof)


Finally getting paid.


When a random client employee asks for something totally out of scope.

Out of Scope

Everyone’s worst fear when interacting with live client systems.


Work on Monday after getting up at 3:30am for your flight.


Getting to dress in business attire everyday. Especially when traveling.


The deadline is coming up and EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.

Its All Under Control

Being a mandatory attendee of a conference call that doesn’t apply to you at all.

Status Meetings

Finally delivering a job well done.

Well Done


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