Power Posse


This is what my celeb power posse is like in my imagination

Traveling for work means that I am sorely lacking a posse. I hang out at the office, and spend a lot of time in a hotel room by myself. And when I do venture down to the hotel bar for a glass or two of wine, I’m surrounded almost exclusively by men my dad’s age in suits. Thankfully I have some great friends who are always willing to chat when I’m feeling lonely, but I still have a lot of time to day dream.

In some of this free time I’ve been thinking about  which celebrities (or pseudo-celebrities) I would want to be best friends with and have around to hang out. Who knows, maybe if this goes viral I’ll actually be able to hang out with one (or all?!) of them.

So without further ado… my fantasy power posse would include:

22fe4638-d675-47f8-9726-5f43e27bb084T-Swift — But seriously. Who wouldn’t want to be best friends with TSweezy?? She’s classy and fabulous and smart and SO MUCH FUN. She’s managed to make herself an international icon and still, people all over the world feel like they can relate to her. I just feel like we should be best friends. We could host dinner parties together and go dance like idiots in cool bars. (I trust her to find the cool bars…)

461831186-carly-fiorina-former-ceo-of-the-hewlett-packard-company.jpg.CROP.promo-mediumlargeCarly Fiorina — OK. Let me start by saying all political beliefs aside, CARLY is a BAD@SS. She’s seriously so cool. She’s smart and articulate, and unapologetic in the very best way. She seems like the kind of lady who doesn’t let anything hold her back. I would love to have the chance to have dinner and a few glasses of wine with her and just learn from her. SHE’S SO COOL.

Blog ImagesEllen DeGeneres — Everyone needs a best friend in their posse to make them laugh. Conversations would never be boring with Ellen around. Shes witty and funny and so authentically herself. Ellen seems to be so comfortable in her own skin that she can’t help but making the people around her more at ease with being their most genuine selves.

Saga.250Saga Krantz — This is my one pseudo-celebrity. I would venture to say 99.6% of the world has literally no clue who I am talking about. But for the few of you who have followed the sport of synchronized skating, you know exactly who I’m talking about. For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, check this out. She is the head coach of THE best synchronized skating team in the United States. She is the most poised, graceful, elegant, creative individual in the figure skating world. Basically I just want to be best friends with someone who shares my obsession with synchronized skating.


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