The Good Girl

the good girl

This book was SO GOOD. (Mom, I know you read most of these posts, I highly recommend it for book club)

This book is one of those ones that is told from multiple points of view and jumps back and forth in time. Sounds horrifying right? Usually I hate these kinds too, but this one is REALLY well done. Not once was I lost, and that’s saying something given the twisty-turn-y nature of this plot. Ultimately she gives you just enough information to keep you interested the whole book. AND THE END. WHOA. Talk about a twist.

But enough on the writing style. Why is this book worth reading? What did it make me think about?

In the least sappy, mushy, way in the world, love. The love between a mother and daughter. The love between a mother and son. The love between a man and a woman. And desperation.

Can love be legitimate if it is forged in the most desperate of situations? Does extreme adversity temper love to be stronger? Or force together disparate pieces until they fit?

I wish I had more profound things to say about this book, but I truly don’t want to give away this plot. Take away: READ IT. Its worth your time.


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