Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up Isn’t

There are some hallmarks of childhood that I have officially decided most certainly have a place in adulthood. (Because I totally have that authority)

Children’s movies. Specifically Hercules. If you haven’t watched it recently, go watch it. Its fabulous.

Mac and Cheese. Forget the “grown up” truffle oil, lobster, duck fat mac and cheese. Good old pasta and cheese sauce is some of the best comfort food there is. Its not fancy, you’ve probably been eating it since you were three, and its only gotten better.

Funfetti cake. I dare you to be unhappy while eating funfetti cake.

Coloring. Apparently when you are an adult you can call it meditation and sound sophisticated. (true story, check it out)

Early bed time. You might feel lame going to bed at 8:30pm but trust me, that 10 hours of sleep is even more amazing as an adult.

Being a tourist. Kids are never ashamed to be tacky tourists and marvel in wide-eyed wonder and buy cheap souvenirs. As adults we pretend to be sophisticated, but this is still just as much fun as it used to be. (*see segway tour photos*)

Magic. While I haven’t entirely accepted that the wonderful world of Harry Potter doesn’t exist (even though I never got my letter from Hogwarts), being an adult means being a little bit more subtle about your belief in magic. But here’s the deal. Its still undeniably awesome.


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