Are you my Soul Mate?


Our brunch came with desserts. BRUNCH DESSERTS. Yes. They were magical. No. I didn’t take a picture before we devoured them.

Confession: I’m relatively inexperienced in the realm of romantic relationships. (read: I have exactly zero serious or semi-serious relationships in my history)

But what I do know a lot about is friendship. I feel fairly confident in saying that most people in their 20’s have had a friend or two or twenty in their day. We start learning about friendship in preschool — share your toys, find friends who like to play the same games, take turns — the basics.

As we get older, the circumstances surrounding friendship change. We are miles apart, have to financially support ourselves, and the realities of the big bad world catch up with us. But the basics stay the same.


The sign outside the brunch restaurant with bottomless mimosas. (Don’t worry mom, we we’re responsible adults)

This weekend I got to have a girls weekend with one of my best friends. We brunched (with bottomless mimosas), and napped, and walked, and talked, acted weird, shared TMI and ate our weight in raspberries and cake balls. We went out and adventured and slothed in bed and watched old chick flicks (shout out to Step Up and The Notebook).

It was awesome. And I came to the conclusion that eventually when that time rolls around I basically want to date a male version of my best friends.

I figure if my future significant other has at least some the qualities my best friends have we will be pretty dang compatible people.


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