Comfy Corner of the Couch

Another college essay revisited. Traveling, and graduating in general, has had me thinking a lot about comfort and independence. This short essay that I wrote for my Notre Dame application focuses on the security and comfort of my home, represented by my favorite spot on the couch. I maintain that I am extraordinarily lucky to have had the privilege of such a comfortable, secure, and loving childhood home.

The corner of the couch: where the springs sag just right and the cushions, soft from years of wear, embrace me. Between the cushions I find old cheerios, long lost Nerf darts, and a small fortune in monopoly money left by my younger brothers. This spot is equated with comfort. This is the spot I seek out to do calculus homework that seems impossible. The spot where I curl up to talk with my best friend. The spot where I sit when my family watches a movie together. This spot allows me to unwind, relax, connect. Sitting in the corner of the couch I consider the safety and security of my life: the supportive friends who are always on my side, the stable family I was blessed to be born into, the home I live in, beautiful because of the love it contains. I consider how good fortune and the grace of God have held me in comfort through my life like the corner of the couch.

Being away from home, and making choices on my own, I’ve learned that another important aspect of comfort is independence. Even though FOMO gets to me occasionally, I’m learning that I’m much happier and much more comfortable when I am independent and do what is right for me. Its an exercise in listening to the quiet voice in your head that loves you.

That little voice usually knows what is best for you. And if that voice is saying you need to go out on a Thursday, or eat ice cream for dinner, I would suggest you comply. But conversely, if that little voice recommends going to bed a 8:30 or going for a run alone instead of joining happy hour,  its probably wise to listen.



2 thoughts on “Comfy Corner of the Couch

  1. siromas says:

    Is it normal that my little voice always seems to push me towards the tougher option in my decisions?

    Leave the comforting warmth of my bed to go workout or putting in an extra hour of work before calling it a night (because, personally speaking, work is always tougher in the mornings).

    I find it interesting that your comfort place has grown from a physical location to a concept of independence. Now that it’s no longer bound to an object, do you think you’ll be able to find comfort no matter where you may find yourself in the future?


    • ndirisheyes says:

      My initial essay is less about a physical place, and more about that place as a metaphor for the love that filled my home growing up. The point that I was trying to drive to is that even though I’ve left home, I’m not less comfortable for being far away from that love because I’ve found that loving myself is also an important part of comfort.


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