Questions inspired by adulting

  1. Is the mold I’m scraping out of my shower toxic?
  2. Why is Tinder guru not a marketable profession?
  3. Am I really allowed to be unsupervised in the city?
  4. Does that mean that I am now considered the responsible adult?
  5. How many throw pillows is too many throw pillows?
  6. Am I walking the wrong way? Again?
  7. Where is that smell on the train coming from?
  8. So I know East is right on a map… but where exactly is that in three dimensions?
  9. WHY would any sane person make a phone call in a public restroom? No one wants to hear you pee.
  10. 410-QUE???
  11. Will I die if I eat these berries without washing them?
  12. Is duct tape or a rubber band a better solution to fix my faulty toilet?
  13. Can everyone else tell I don’t feel like a real adult yet?
  14. Is that guy single?
  15. How on earth did I function on 4 hours of sleep on a regular basis in college?

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